Paul Di’Anno’s Warhorse Releases their EP “Stop The War”

Paul Di’Anno’s Warhorse released a EP entitled “Stop The War” on BraveWords Records. The EP “Stop The War” is in advance of the band’s upcoming full length debut album. Listen to “Stop The War”: here. Speaking about the Stop The War EP, Paul Di’Anno said, “I’m looking forward to the digital release of ‘Stop the War’, ‘Warhorse’ and ‘The Doubt Within’ and I hope you like it. By my standards, too much time has passed since the recording of this album and I can’t wait to finally have this record in my hands.” Warhorse members Hrvoje Madiraca and Ante Pupačić Pupi commented on the Stop The War EP, “Are you ready – Ready to rock? ‘Cause we are ready – Ready to rock! As the song says! Enjoy the album, cheers!”

The debut Warhorse album, also called ‘Warhorse’, was recorded during 2022 and 2023 in Croatia and the UK. On nine new songs and two fantastic covers, Paul sings like never before and in a way that will surprise and leave all his fans speechless, as well as heavy metal fans in general. Debut Warhorse album will be released in the fall of 2024 for Brave Words Records. Paul will perform with Warhorse all over the world and return the old spirit of heavy metal to where it belongs.

Paul Di’Anno’s Warhorse is the last original band/project of Paul Di’Anno. The first idea of forming a band arose in December 2021, when Paul and guitarist Hrvoje Madiraca met in Zagreb, Croatia. The formation and naming of this project happened simultaneously with the writing and recording of new songs, which were started immediately after Paul and Hrvoje joined hands and thus formed the band. Already in May, Paul Di’Annos’ Warhorse independently released the DVD single ‘Stop the War’ in a limited edition of 666 copies and sold it out in just a few days. This was followed by the fantastic ‘Stop the War’ lyrics video, which delighted fans around the world. The Paul Di’Anno’s Warhorse project gathered fantastic guest musicians on some songs, and a video was recorded for almost every song on the album. The core of the band itself is the three ‘horsemen’ Paul Di’Anno – vocals, Hrvoje Madiraca – guitars and Ante Pupačić Pupi – Guitars. Fans at Warhorse live shows can expect a live explosion, musical virtuosos and a top stage attraction. Paul Di’Anno in the stadium edition, would be the most appropriate description. Band Paul Di’Anno’s Warhorse is a parallel band to his classic ‘Paul Di’Anno’ line-up and unlike his standard set list, Paul Di’Anno’s Warhorse concerts will abound with Warhorse songs, with the addition of Iron Maiden classics and special, unexpected covers chosen by Paul Di’Anno.

The songs on the upcoming album are:

Get, Get Ready
Stop The War
The Doubt Within
Here Comes the Night
Tequila (cover)
Forever Bound
Precious (cover)
Going Home

Watch the video for Warhorse’s first single ‘Stop the War’ here:

Watch the video for Warhorse’s 2nd single ‘Warhorse’ here:


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