Paul Andrews, a British singer better known by his stage name Paul Di’Anno, his nearly half-century-long career began explosively with Iron Maiden, when with the EP ‘The Soundhouse Tapes’, and the albums ‘Iron Maiden’ and ‘Killers ‘ forever cemented the foundations of heavy metal. With timeless hits like ‘Iron Maiden’, ‘Remember Tomorrow’, ‘Running Free’, ‘Phantom of the Opera’, ‘Killers’, ‘Wratchild’, Murders in the Rue Morgue’, ‘Purgatory’ etc., they influenced numerous musicians and bands and were responsible for the creation or development of many subgenres in metal music.

Paul is known as one of the most productive singers, who has a huge number of albums and other releases behind him, either as a solo artist or a member of bands such as Gogmagog, Di’Anno’s Battlezone, Praying Mantis, Killers, Rockfellas, Architects of Chaoz or Warhorse. In all his incarnations, Paul always knew how to find a way to the fans, with numerous hits, uncompromising singing, which is confirmed by his successful career and furious live shows around the world.

For the last eight years, Paul faced serious health problems that almost ended his career, but thanks to his loyal fans and his strong will to overcome the disease, Paul is on a big world tour again, and he recorded a new album with the Paul D’Anno’s Warhorse band, which will be released in mid-2024 for Brave Words Records, a new label, which is also an integral part of one of the most famous brands in heavy metal music.

This icon of heavy metal with the heart of a punk rock rebel never spared himself in his life, but he always gave everything for music and fans, which is why they have followed him faithfully for almost fifty years.

Paul Di’Anno’s backing band:

Rikard Nilsen (guitar)
Jon Vegard Næss (guitar)
Are With Gogstad (bass)
Henrik Haugsnes Kaupang (drums)


Paul Di’Anno’s discography is almost endless, taking into account all the Iron Maiden releases with his participation, his solo work, and all the other albums, singles, compilations and tribute releases with bands in which he worked or guested. With the help of friends, and information available on Wikipedia, Discogs, and other relevant websites, we have compiled a representative list of releases that will be further expanded during the year, what with some old, and what with new releases that have yet to be released.

Iron Maiden
The Soundhouse Tapes (1979)
Iron Maiden (1980)
Live!! +one (1980)
Killers (1981)
Live at the Rainbow (1981)
Maiden Japan (1981)
12 Wasted Years (1987)
The First Ten Years (From There to Eternity) (1990)
Best of the Beast (1996)
Ed Hunter (1999)
BBC Archives (2002)
Best of the ‘B’ Sides (2002)
The History of Iron Maiden – Part 1: The Early Days (2004)
The Essential Iron Maiden (2005)

With Di’Anno
Live at the Palace (VHS, 1984)
Di’Anno (1984)
“Flaming Heart” (1984)
“Heartuser” (1984)
Nomad (2000)
Live at the Palace, recorded in 1984 (DVD, 2005)

The World’s First Iron Man (1997)
As Hard as Iron (1997)
Beyond the Maiden (Compilation, 1999)
The Masters (Compilation, 1999)
The Beast (Live, 2001)
The Beast in the East (Live, 2003 DVD)
The Living Dead (2006)
The Maiden Years – The Classics (Compilation, 2006)
Iron Maiden Days & Evil Nights (Compilation, 2007)
Wrathchild – The Anthology (Compilation, 2012)
The Beast Arises (DVD, 2014)
Hell Over Waltrop – Live In Germany, Recorded in 2006) (Live, 2020)

With Battlezone
Fighting Back (1986)
Children of Madness (1987)
Warchild (Compilation 1988)
Feel My Pain (1998)
Cessation of Hostilities (Compilation with all three studio albums Battlezone released + Children of madness demo tracks and one new live track, 2001)
The Fight Goes On (Boxset including all three Battlezone studio albums, 2008)
Paul Di’Anno’s Battlezone: Killers In The Battlezone (1986-2000) (3 CD Box Set, 2022)

With Killers a.k.a. Paul Di’ Anno & Killers
Murder One (1992)
South American Assault Live (1994)(Recorded on summer, 1993)
Menace to Society (1994)
Live (1997)
New Live & Rare (1998)
Killers Live at the Whiskey (2001)(Recorded Whisky a Go Go, Los Angeles,2000)
Screaming Blue Murder – The Very Best of Paul Di’Anno’s Killers (2002)

With Gogmagog
I Will Be There EP (1985)

With Dennis Stratton
The Original Iron Men (1995)
The Original Iron Men 2 (1996)
Hard As Iron (compilation) (1996)

With Praying Mantis & Paul Di’Anno, Dennis Stratton
Live at Last (1991) (Recorded at Nakano Sunplaza, Tokyo, 18 April 1990)

With The Almighty Inbredz
The Almighty Inbredz (1999)

With Architects of Chaoz
League of shadows (2015)

With Paul Di’Anno’s Warhorse
DVD Single ‘Warhorse’ (special limited edition)

On compilations 
Metal for Muthas (with Iron Maiden, 1980)
Kaizoku (1989, Song: “Danger on the Street II”)
All Stars Featuring The Best Of British Heavy Metal & Heavy Rock Musicians (1991, Song “She is danger”)
True Brits (1993)
True Brits 2 (1994)
True Brits 3 (1995)
Rock Hard Hard Rock (1994, Songs: “No Repair”, “She goes down”)
X-Mas: The Metal Way (1994)
Killer Voices (1995)
Metal Monsters (1996)
Metal Christmas a.k.a. The 21st Century Rock Christmas Album (1996)
Hard ‘n’ Heavy Rock (2001, Song: “Lights Out”)
Wacken Rocks (2001, Song: “Wrathchild (live)”)
Classic Rock, Classic Rockers (2002)
Metal Masters – Killers (2005, Song: “Killers”)
Rock Hard – Das Festival (2007, Song: “Prowler (live)”)
The Many Faces of Iron Maiden – Journey Through The Inner World of Iron Maiden (2016)

On tribute albums
In The Name Of Satan – A Tribute To Venom (1998) (with Killers: “Black Metal”)
666 The Number One Beast (Iron Maiden Tribute) (1999)
666 The Number One Beast Volume 2 (Iron Maiden Tribute) (1999)
The Maiden Years (Iron Maiden Tribute) (2000)
Gimme all your Top (ZZ Top Tribute) (2000) (Song: “Sleeping Bag”)
The Boys are back (Thin Lizzy Tribute) (2000) (Song: “Killer On the Loose”)
Only UFO can rock me (UFO Tribute) (2001) (Song: Shoot Shoot)
Another Hair of the Dog (Nazareth Tribute) (2001) (Songs: “Hair Of The Dog” and “Broken Down Angel”)
Hangar de Almas: Tributo A Megadeth (2005) (Song: “Symphony Of Destruction”)
Numbers from the Beast – An All Stars Tribute to Iron Maiden (2005) (Song: “Wrathchild”)
World’s Greatest Metal – Tribute to Led Zeppelin (2006) (Song: “Kashmir”)
An ’80s Metal Tribute to Van Halen (2006) (Song: “Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love”)
A Tribute to The Rolling Stones (2007) (Songs: “I Wanna Be Your Man” and “Jumpin’ Jack Flash”)
Top Musicians Play The Rolling Stones (2010) (Song: “Paint It Black”)
Thriller – A Metal Tribute To Michael Jackson (2013) (Song: “Bad”)
Tribute to Rod Stewart and The Faces II (2015) (Songs: “Hot Legs” and “Cindy Incidentally”)

Guest appearances
English Steel: Start ’em young (1993, Song: “She goes down”)
English Steel: Lucky Streak Vol. II (1994, Songs: “Danger”, “Dirty”)
Aciarium: The Heavy Metal Superstars (1996)
Re-Vision: Longevity (2001) (Song: “Larvae”)
Spearfish: Back, for the Future (2003) (Song: “Justice In Ontario”)
Destruction: Inventor of Evil (2005) (Song: “The Alliance of Hellhoundz”)
Michael Schenker Group: Heavy Hitters (2005) (Song: “Hair Of The Dog”)
Ira: Gloria Eterna (2008) (Song: “Marshall Lockjaw”)
Mantra: Building: Hell (2010) (Song: “Master Of My Life”)
Attick Demons: Atlantis (2011, Song: “Atlantis”)
Legions Of Crows: Stab Me (2011) (Song: “Coventry Carol”)
Så Jävla Metal: The History of Swedish Hard Rock and Heavy Metal (2011 Film) (Song: “Så Jävla Metal”)
Wolfpakk: Wolfpakk (2011)[40] (Song: “The Crow”)
Prassein Aloga: Midas Touch (2011, “See the Bodies” und “Flesh of Life”)[41]
Layla Milou: Reborn (2012) (Song: “You Own Control”)
Scelerata: The Sniper (2012) (Guest vocals, co-writing, composing)
Rushmore: Kingdom Of Demons (2013)
Red Dragon Cartel: Wasted (2014)
Hollywood Monsters: Big Trouble (2014, bonus track: “Fuck you all”)
Odium: The Science Of Dying (2014) (Song: “Die With Pride”)
Maiden United: Remembrance (2015) (Song: “Prowler”)
Mikael Fassberg: Lazy Sunday (2015)
Coffee Overdrive: Rocket L(A)unch (2015) (Song: “To The Top”)
United Artists Against Terrorism: Heroes (2016)
Ibridoma: December (2016) (Song: “I’m a Bully”)
Mikael Fassberg: All or Nothing (2017)
AirForce (UK): Black Box Recordings Volume 2 (2018) (Song: “Sniper”

Paul Di’Anno’s Warhorse Announce Their Self-Titled Debut Album Will Be Released July 19th via bravewords records!

Paul Di’Anno’s Warhorse announce that their self-titled debut album will be released worldwide on July 19th via BraveWords Records. “Metal” Tim Henderson of BraveWords Records, “The killer is on the loose again and original Iron Maiden singer Paul D’Anno is riding his Warhorse into new battles with eyes of fire and a fighting spirit. Wrath children pay attention!” Preorder Paul Di’Anno’s Warhorse, with LIMITED EDITION SIGNED CARD (333 copies only): HERE!

Paul Di’Anno speaking about his new album, “Paul Di’Anno’s Warhorse is my first studio project after many years of being away from the studio and not performing. I remember when we announced that we were recording an album in Croatia with, to me, completely unknown musicians, many were shocked and no one knew in which direction we would go. Warhorse exudes pure energy and reflects everything I went through while recording the album.”

Hrvoje Madiraca (guitars) adds, “This record is a product of hard work combined with the voice of the man, the myth and the legend of our dear Wrathchild! Old school metal you want. That s what you’ll get!”

Ante Pupacic (guitars), known as “Pupi” continues, “When it comes to music, I’ve done all sorts of things, but I’m particularly proud of this album. Two years of work, composing, arranging, recording, editing, deleting, and so on. We went through all kinds of emotions, from euphoria to agony. Each song was carefully polished to achieve its current form. On the album, everyone added their touch, both Hrvoje and I, in terms of lyrics, music, and production, all ennobled by the powerful vocals of our legend, Paul Di’Anno.

‘Here Comes The Night’ (Official Video)
‘Warhorse’ (Official Video)
‘Stop the War’ (Official Video)


‘The Beast Resurrection Tour’ is Paul Di’Anno’s big comeback tour that will cover six continents with over 200 shows. All the shows of that tour were held after Paul’s arrival in Croatia for long-term treatment, with the aim of saving his life and getting him out of his wheelchair. All of Paul’s previous tours will be gradually added to our concert archive. ‘The Beast Resurrection Tour’ started with several separate live shows in Croatia, Germany and Greece, in order to announce Paul’s big return and changes in his ‘new’ life.

Warm up shows 2022

22.05. 22 – Zagreb, Croatia SOLD OUT
01.10. 22. – Keep It True Festival, Germany
14.12. 22 – Athens, Greece (Gus G) SOLD OUT
15.12. 22 – Athens, Greece (Gus G) SOLD OUT
16.12. 22 – Thessaloniki (Gus G) SOLD OUT

Latin American Leg 2023

27.01.23 – Fortaleza, Brazil
28.01.23 – Recife, Brazil
29.01.23 – Salvador, Brazil
31.01.23 – Brasília, Brazil
01.02.23 – Goiânia, Brazil
02.02.23 – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
04.02.23 – São Paulo, Brazil
05.02.23 – Belo Horizonte, Brazil
08.02.23 – Florianópolis, Brazil
09.02.23 – Curitiba, Brazil
11.02.23 – Vila Velha, Brazil
12.02.23 – Ipatinga, Brazil
14.02.23 – Juiz de Fora, Brazil
15.02.23 – Divinópolis, Brazil
16.02.23 – Uberlândia, Brazil
18.02.23 – Cuiabá, Brazil
19.02.23 – Campo Grande, Brazil
21.02.23 – Maringá, Brazil
23.02.23 – Porto Alegre, Brazil
25.02.23 – Limeira, Brazil
26.02.23 – Santos, Brazil
28.02.23 – Boa Vista, Brazil
02.03.23 – Manaus, Brazil
03.03.23 – Belém, Brazil
04.03.23 – São Luis, Brazil
06.03.23 – Teresina, Brazil
07.03.23 – Juazeiro do Norte, Brazil
08.03.23 – Natal, Brazil
10.03.23 – João Pessoa, Brazil
11.03.23 – Maceió, Brazil
12.03.23 – Aracaju, Brazil
15.03.23 – Asuncion, Paraguay SOLD OUT
17.03.23 – Buenos Aires, Argentina SOLD OUT
18.03.23 – Santiago, Chile SOLD OUT
19.03.23 – La Serena, Chile
21.03.23 – Pto. Montt, Chile SOLD OUT
24.03.23 – Chihuahua, Mexico SOLD OUT
25.03.23 – Mexico City, Mexico
26.03.23 – Monterrey, Mexico SOLD OUT
05.05.23 – Monterrey, Mexico SOLD OUT
06.05.23 – Mexico City, Mexico SOLD OUT
08.06.23 – Cuernavaca, Mexico
09.06.23 – Mexico City, Mexico SOLD OUT
10.06.23 – Puebla, Mexico
11.06.23 – Pachuca, Mexico
28.06.23 – Guadalaraja, Mexico SOLD OUT
29.06.23 – Léon, Guanajuato, Mexico SOLD OUT
30.06.23 – San Luis Potosí, Mexico SOLD OUT

European Leg 2023

06.07.23 – Wolverhampton, UK (with KK Priest)
09.08.23 – Leyendas Del Rock, Spain
16.09.23 – Metalitalia Festival, Italy SOLD OUT
22.09.23 – London, UK SOLD OUT
24.09.23 – London, UK SOLD OUT
05.10.23 – Zagreb, Croatia
07.10.23 – Birmingham, UK (with KK Priest)
08.10.23 – Glasgow, UK (with KK Priest)
10.10.23 – Nottingham, UK (with KK Priest)
11.10.23 – Manchester, UK (with KK Priest)
12.10.23 – London, UK (with KK Priest)
21.11.23 – Newcastle, UK SOLD OUT
22.11.23 – Edinburgh, UK SOLD OUT
23.11.23 – Edinburgh, UK SOLD OUT
24.11.23 – Winterstorm, SOLD OUT
25.11.23 – Bradford, UK SOLD OUT
26.11.23 – Blackpool, UK SOLD OUT
27.11.23 – Crumlin, UK SOLD OUT
28.11.23 – Crumlin, UK SOLD OUT
29.11.23 – London, UK SOLD OUT
01.12.23 – Weston Super-Mare, UK SOLD OUT
02.12.23 – Athens, Greece SOLD OUT
03.12.23 – Thessaloniki, Greece
05.12.23 – Diest, Belgium SOLD OUT
06.12.23 – Diest, Belgium
08.12.23 – Doetinchem, Netherlands
10.12.23 – Waldbronn, Germany SOLD OUT
12.12.23 – Kolín, Czech Republic
13.12.23 – Padova, Italy
15.12.23 – Turin, Italy
17.12.23 – Mennecy (Paris), France SOLD OUT

Australian Leg 2024

16.01.24 – Perth, Australia
17.01.24 – Adelaide, Australia
18.01.24 – Brisbane, Australia
19.01.24 – Melbourne, Australia
20.01.24 – Sydney, Australia

Latin American Leg 2024

24.01.24 – Puerto Montt, Chile
25.01.24 – Concepción, Chile SOLD OUT
26.01.24 – Santiago, Chile SOLD OUT
27.01.24 – Quilpué, Chile SOLD OUT
01.02.24 – Montevideo, Uruguay
02.02.24 – Buenos Aires, Argentina
03.02.24 – Solano, Argentina SOLD OUT
04.02.24 – Cordoba, Argentina SOLD OUT
08.02.24 – Rosario, Argentina SOLD OUT
09.02.24 – Mar del Plata, Argentina
11.02.24 – General Roca, Argentina
12.02.24 – Mendoza, Argentina
13.02.24 – Salta, Argentina
16.02.24 – Resistencia, Argentina
Asunción, Paraguay SOLD OUT
02.08.24 – Medellín, Colombia
03.08.24 – Bogota, Colombia

Europan leg 2024

13.07.24 – Zagreb, Croatia
27.07.34 – London, UK (private show, no tickets)
21.08.24 – Leeds, UK
22.08.24 – Blackpool, UK

23.08.24 – Newark-On-Trent, UK SOLD OUT
24.08.24 – Album promotion, London, UK
25.08.24 – Crumlin, UK
26.08.24 – Swindon, UK
30.08.24 – Kraków, Poland
30.10.24 – Edinburgh, UK
31.10.24 – Newcastle, UK
01.11.24 – Glasgow, UK
03.11.24 – TBA, UK
04.11.24 – Cambridge, UK
06.11.24 – Wolverhampton, UK
07.11.24 – London, UK
16.11.24 – Marseille, France
05.12.24 – TBA
06.12.24 – TBA
07.12.24 – TBA
08.12.24 – TBA

Latin Americal leg 2025

08.02. 25 – Cordoba, Argentina
09.02. 25. – Santa Fe, Argentina

European leg 2025

15.03. 25 – Bilbao, Spain


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